A Plea From a City Boy, Moved South, Moved Back Home

I grew up in Illinois and it has always  been, always will be and now once again is my home.  You see, I moved down to Georgia in 2006 for a job opportunity.  Chicago once again became home just a couple months ago.  I enjoyed my time in Georgia.  I lived just north of Atlanta in a city called Roswell where I bought my first home.  I met what I would consider to be life-long friends, explored the land, experienced Southern food, met fell in love with Southern girls, found an appreciation for country music, and did a little suburban farming.  I will always love and miss Georgia and she will always have a fond place in my heart.  It just wasn’t home.  Naw…this fine state of Illinois, or how they pronounce it in the South Illinois-sss (I’d always correct them) is a place I’m proud to say I was born and raised and where I call home!

Did you catch the part where I mentioned suburban farming?  I had a mini pot bellied pig named Pancakes as an indoor pet and had backyard chicken hens.  The hens were Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, and Rhode Island Reds.  I lived in a neighborhood where I was President of our Homeowner’s Association which may have helped out a little bit.  You see, technically I was a little shy of the property acreage required to have “backyard chickens”.  Even had code enforcement stop out at the house a couple times, but I assured him I had the space…I guess he never looked into it further.

I digress…

Figured that background info might grab your attention.  Look, the point I’m trying to make is that I truly do believe in buying local foods, I mean…in my backyard, not more than twenty feet away from my gorgeous in-ground swimming pool I had flippin’ (that’s a Southern Belle’s word for the f-word that Northern girls use) chickens and enjoyed fresh eggs daily…doesn’t get much more local than that.  I also had vegetable and fruit gardens in my backyard.  I grew as much and had as much “livestock” as I possibly could and what I couldn’t produce myself, I bought locally.  The benefits of buying from local Illinois food markets are endless.  It goes beyond just the nutritional value of the food purchased.  It extends to helping out the entire local community.  That’s what this website is about and as such, I wanted to share with you an article I came across about why you should buy food locally grown here in the great state of Illinois.

The article can be found on the Farm Direct website and is titled “Why Buy Local Foods” if you click here you will be directed to the article.  I hope that upon reading it, you might be encouraged to buy food grown here in Illinois by fellow Illinoisans to help Illinois families, our community, and our economy.  Buy Illinois Business!

Below is one of my proudest moments…my first eggs!  See, I wasn’t fibbing…this city boy moved South really did have backyard chickens.

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